Saturday, August 14, 2010

I make Plastic Masks

I wanted to make plastic Halloween-style masks for a long time. Last year, I finally did some research and found a way to make it happen! Here is a look at some of my first works. More to come soon!

This is an adult sized wearable halloween-style mask. Made for the band NOBUNNY. Nobunny has tweak a few old punk logos with a rabbit theme and I thought this Misfits "Fiend" inspired graphic the band used on t-shirts and buttons would make a great mask. Nobunny thought it was a great idea, so I made a bunch up, he took them on tour and they were a hit!
I showed the Nobunny mask to Sacramento, CA artist SKINNER and he asked if I can make other designs. Can I make some really big? I said sure and we made these 18" tall masks. Five designs were sculpted and 6 masks were pulled of each design for a total of 30 over-sized custom masks. Skinner then hand painted each one for his new solo art show, "This Fear You May Know", which opens Aug. 14 at White Walls Gallery in San Francisco, CA.

Here is a look at a few of his final masks:


and here is a look at some before they were painted:


If you are interested in having custom masks made for Halloween or any event or reason, please contact me at